“Graduation is a major moment for us and an event that most definitely stands out in our lives. It is, something many of us would not only like to remember but enjoy as much as possible. When alcohol is thrown into the equation it opens up the possibility for over-consumption and the many negative effects that may come with it. Why not soak up every moment you can rather than impair your experience? It is truly an experience I’ll never forget. They are memories I wouldn’t trade in for the world”
– Patrick, Graduate

“You steered the ship and put in those countless hours of prep and planning, and thought of every single tiny detail. I am so glad that you have turned all your hard work into a book so that it can be duplicated year after year now.”
– Shevaun, Parent Volunteer

“The After-Grad brings everyone closer together and helps the barriers of groups come down finally. It is something that non-drinkers or partiers can look forward to. I think that the time you get to spend with everyone is so amazing and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. The most important thing is that no one in my graduation class died that night”
– Caleigh, Graduate

“Our school community greatly supports this parent sponsored evening as it provides a safe and dry graduation activity. It is comforting to parents and school staff knowing our graduates are safe on their graduation evening”
– Bob Lee, Principal, & Steve Newlove, Vice Principal, Parkland Secondary School

“Finally there is help for those parent committees struggling with the organizing of their school’s dry grad. I have worked with hundreds of grads over the past 25 years and seen the success and importance of celebrating the once in a lifetime graduation in a safe and organized environment. Linda Hunter’s book is what every grad committee needs – easy to use and comprehensive. Get it, you’ll use it and you’ll be glad you did!”
– Robert Mesmer, America’s Grad Hypnotist direct from Princess Cruise Lines

“From the first moment I met Linda, I was blown away by her energy and passion. Not just for the Parkland’s After Grad she was volunteering to coordinate, but for life. She is brimming with ideas and everything has opportunity. Linda is very creative and yet incredibly organized. A true pleasure for me to work with, no second guessing, no blanks to fill in, she takes care of it all.

Linda brought her strong background in event planning, along with her incredible energy as coordinator of the first Parkland’s after grad in 2006. Linda has established the “after grad template” for new parent organizers to go forward with. And not just for Parklands, but other high schools are learning from her talents and her experience. I hope her strong commitment for the positive and safe after grad’s goes on for years to come.”
– Heather McAughtrie, Catering and Conference Manager, UVic Students’ Society, University of Victoria